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External Gallery: Group trip 2013 (Schulerloch / Weltenburg)

External Galleries - Symposium in the occasion of Prof. Herrmann's  65th Birthday: Gallery 1 (reception before)   -  Gallery 2 (Symposium)   - Gallery 3 (lunch buffet)

 External Gallery: Group trip 2012 (Walchensee Power Plant / Ettal Monastery)

weimar1  weimar2

 weimar3 weimar4

Members of our research group participating on the German Catalysis Conference 2013 in Weimar


Group photo taken on the occasion of the 2012 christmas party (click for enlargement)

Christmas gift for Arne Schaper due to his publication activity throughout the year


Group picture taken at the Xmas party 2011 (click for an enlarged version)

cokoja  WAH

Special presents for Dr. Cokoja (l) and Prof. Herrmann (r)



Group picture taken in miner's uniforms during the group trip to the salt mine in Berchtesgaden 2011 (click for an enlarged version)


XMAS 2010


Group picture at the Xmas party 2010

Group Xmas2009

 Group picture Xmas party 2009


Group picture July 2009

Group picture taken on July 29th, 200, together with the Molecular Catalysis Group


Group picture Christmas 2008


  Group Picture Christmas 2007



 Group Picture 2006 


 Prof. Kühn, the new chair representative, together with the members of the technical staff and the secretaries of the inorganic chemistry chair in October 2007


 Members of the Herrmann and the Kühn research groups together with Prof. Kühn in one of the refurbished students' laboratories



25th anniversary at the Inorganic Chemistry Chair of TUM: Mrs Anna Fuss...... Mr. Fawzi Belmedjahed ...
... and Mrs Ulrike Ammari

 Südchemie Award

Denys Baskakov, the former doctorate student from Prof. Herrmann's group receives the Südchemie Award 2009:
Dr. H.-J. Müller (member of the governing board Südchemie), Prof. W. A. Herrmann (president TUM), Dr. D. Baskakov, Prof. T. Bach (Dean of the Chemistry Department), Prof. N. Rösch (Director Catalytic Research Center - CRC)


 Prof. Fritz R. Kreißl receives the Karl Max-von-Bauernfeind medal of the TUM (pictured with all the other awardees and the TUM administration)


Farewell FUSS

Retirement of Mrs Fuss, technician with more than 25 years of service at the TUM


Retirement of  Mrs Kaufmann, secretary with 20 years of service at the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry


Habilitation Dr. Ruhland

Dr. Ruhland (left) after his successful habilition
with the chairman of his examination committee, Prof. Dr. Fritz E. Kühn


PhD examinations


 PhD candidate Alexandra Rost standing in front of her committee (examiners Prof. W. A. Herrmann, Prof. O. Nuyken and the chairman Prof. F. E. Kühn)


The successful PhD candidate Tobias Scherg after his defense at the celebration party (committee: Prof. W. A. Herrmann, Prof. B. Rieger, Prof. em. W. Beck (LMU) and the chairman Prof. F. E. Kühn)


Dr. Christoph Rentzsch (right) after his defense together with his committee (f.l.t.r.): Prof. B. Rieger, Prof. W. A. Herrmann, Prof. F. E. Kühn as Chairman and Prof. em. W. Beck (LMU)


Mrs Dr Andrea Scherbaum with an artful hat after her exams


 The committee of Mrs. Scherbaums examination (from left to right: doctoral advisor Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, co-examiner Prof. Bernhard Rieger and Prof. Fritz E. Kühn as the chairman of the committee)



 Dr. Katharina Nikolaides (3rd form the right) after her PhD exam together with the committee (from left. t. right): Prof. O. Nuyken, Prof. K. Köhler (Chairman), Prof. em. W. Beck (LMU), as well as the subgroup leader Dr. J. Eppinger (Lecturer Molecular Catalysis)

 The PhD candidate Josef Mitterpleininger together with his examination committee (Chairman: Prof. F. E. Kühn, Examiners: Prof. W. A. Herrmann, Prof. A. Türler) at the celebration ceremony

 Prom. Veljanovski

International doctorate examination of Dr. Veljanovski (center): On the left there are the members of his committee (Prof. Herrmann, Prof. Kühn and Prof. Basset (Lyon / KAUST)), on the right you find his family from Macedonia.

Prom. Tanase

The successful PhD candidate Dr. Alexandrina Rusu (née Tanase) is listening to the toast of Prof. Herrmann (right: Prof. em. Beck is member of the exam commitee)

Promotion Tosh

The successful doctorate candidate Evangeline Tosh together with her committee (f.l.t.r: Prof. em. Beck, Prof. Rieger, Prof. Herrmann and Prof. Kühn)

 Prom Taubmann

The successful new PhD Dr. Taubmann together with his committee (f.l.t.r.): Prof. Herrmann, Prof. Nuyken and Prof. Kühn as chairman. On the right, Dr. Oefele as mentor of the candidate is shown as well. 


Promotion Straubinger

Claudia Straubinger after her doctorate examination together with her commitee (Prof. Köhler, Prof. Hinrichsen and Prof. Herrmann)

 Prom Riederer

The successful candidate (future Dr. Riederer) with her examination comitee
(f.l: Prof. Kühn as chairman, Prof. Hinrichsen as second referee und Prof. Herrmann as her supervisor) 

Promotion Gigler

Dr. Peter Gigler clinks glasses together with the members of his examination commitee
(v.l: Prof. Rieger, Prof. Kühn (chairman),  Prof. Herrmann und Prof. em. Beck)  


Dr. Daniel Canella (right) with the members of his examination comittee  (from left: Prof. Kühn, Prof. Hintermann, Prof. Härter, Prof. Glaser)


Dr. Daniel Betz (with the special hat) and his comittee (Prof. Kühn, Prof. Herrmann, Prof. Groll and Prof. em. Beck)

The new docter: Dr. O. Hiltner (right) together with his commitee
(f.l.t.r: Prof. Kühn as chairman and the two referees Prof. Rieger and Prof. Herrmann)

Promotion Dr. Hitrisia Syska
f.l.t.r: Prof. Gasteiger (2nd examiner), Prof. Köhler (chairman of the exam), the successful candidate, Prof. Kühn (1st examiner)

 Double PhD examination on one day: Antoine Monassier and Typhene Michel                            Promotion Dr. Antoine Monassier (Committee: Prof. K. Köhler, Prof. J.M. Basset (KAUST), Prof. F. E. Kühn)
(Molecular Catalysis) together with Prof. Kühn

Promotion Lars-Arne Schaper - champagne and laughs:  Prof. Mink (examinor), Prof. Hinrichsen (examinor), Prof. Herrmann (PhD advisor), the new "Herr Doktor" Schaper, Dr. Öfele (mentor of the carben subgroup), Prof. Kühn (chairman of the committee)

PhD celebration Dr. Hock: Group picture with the committee after the work has been done (f.l.t.r: Prof. Kuehn - chairman / Prof. Hinrichsen - 2nd examinor / Dr. Hock / Prof. em. Beck - 3rd examinor / Prof. Herrmann - PhD advisor)



 PhD examination Dr. Reindl:  The successful candidate at the champagne toast with the members of his committee (examinors: Prof. Hinrichsen and Prof. Herrmann,  chairman: Prof. Kühn)


PhD examination Dr. Jantke:  Picture with the small daughter Rosalie, Prof. Herrmann (1st advisor) and PRof. Kühn (chairman of the committee)


International examination commitee for Dr. Markovits: Prof. W. A. Herrmann (first examinor, left), Prof. J. Mink (second examinor, 2nd from right) and the chairman Prof. F. E. Kühn (right) together with the successful candidate

 prom zhong

PhD examination Dr. Rui Zhong:  The successful candidate with the promotion ring and with the members of his committee (examinors: Prof. Hinrichsen and Prof. Herrmann,  chairman: Prof. Kühn)


Promotion Dr. Anthofer: Supervisor Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, the newly-made "Doktor" Michael Anthofer, second examiner Prof. Janos Mink from Hungary, the chairman of the exam Prof. Fritz E. Kühn

 prom mantas

Promotion  Dr. Mantas-Öktem: The successful candidate together with her supervisor Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann


Doctorate exam Dr. Marlene Kaposi: Supervisor Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, the successful candidate , second examior Prof. Janos Mink and the chairman of the committee, Prof. Fritz E. Kühn 


Doctorate exam Dr. Michael Wilhelm: The candidate (left) together with his supervisor Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, the second examiner Prof. Janos Mink and the chairman of the commitee, Prof. Fritz E. Kühn 


 Promotion Dr. Claudia Hille: The successful candidate together with her supervisor Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang A.Herrmann


Promotion Dr. Korbinian Riener: Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann (M) during is speech after the exam to honor the candidate Dr. Korbinian Riener. Also on the picture in the front: the additional examiners Prof. Janos Mink (2nd f.l.), Prof. Richard Fischer (2nd f.r.) and the chairman of the committee Prof. Fritz E. Kühn (right)