GIST Project

Prof Herrmann is lecturer at the German Institute of Science and Technology, a foundation of the TUM-Tech GmbH. This institute offers master courses on modern fields of science and technics under the academic responsibility of the Technical University of Munich and the National University of Singapore. The course “Industrial Chemisty“ started in July 2002. It takes three semester and allows a scientific education in coordination with industrial needs in Singapore and Munich. Therefore scholarships of the chemical industry are available.

Prof Herrmann and Prof Fritz E. Kuehn instruct the compulsory lecture “Catalysis“ together with colleagues of the NUS.

Download: Announcement for “Catalysis“ (pdf-format, Acrobat Reader required)

Pictures of the first visit of the lecturers Prof Herrmann and PD Kuehn in Singapore (September 2002):

Prof. Herrmann mit den Studenten vor dem Gebäude in Singapur

 Prof Herrmann together with the students in front of the building in Singapore

Prof. Herrmann und Privatdozent Kühn bei einem Empfang

Prof Herrmann and PD Kuehn at a reception
 Prof. Herrmann in Action, während der Vorlesung "Catalysis"

 Prof Herrmann in action in the lecture “Catalysis“